Sous vide immersion circulator InnoCook Vortex


Sous Vide thermostat InnoCook Vortex is an absolute flagship. It can memorize 3 types of programs, and the temperature probe will help to prepare meals even faster and easier. It heats 75 liters of water and circulates it like Neptune using a powerful pump. 2 years warranty and the best price on the market place make it above all competitors.



• Temperature probe
• Water circulation through the turbine pump mechanism
• Ability to add three personal cooking programs to memory: “Meat”, “Fish” and “Vegetables”
• Mode of keeping the temperature after the end of the time
• Autostart function
• Calibration mode for temperature sensors
• Motor temperature control function
• Degrees C° or F°
• Control by encoder


• Warranty: 2 years (24 months)
• Working temperature 20-95°С (accuracy 0.1°С)

• Power: 1800 W
• Net weight: 3.8 kg.
• Voltage: 220V
• Dimensions: 130*260*380 mm.
• Body completely made of food grade stainless steel
• Maximum working depth 10 cm.
• Working volume up to: 75 L.
• Potential of the motor: 50,000 hours
• Overheat protection
• Power cord length: 250 cm.
• Country of origin: Russia